LTO Online Guide: Foreign Driver’s License

You can use your foreign driver’s license anywhere in the Philippines. However, after 90 days, it is required to obtain Philippine Driver’s License from Land Transportation Office (LTO). We remind you that if you are going to use your foreign DL in the Philippines, it must be in the English Language. Ask your embassy about the English Translation of it.

If you are going to live here in the Philippines for good and will exceed the 90-day period probation as a foreign driver’s license holder, you need to convert it into a Philippine driver’s license.

Then if your foreign driver’s license is still valid, you don’t need to take the written and actual driving exams in LTO. However, if already expired, you need to take both.

LTO portal with foreign license card guide


1. Application form

You can avail a hard copy of it in any LTO Office while a soft copy in LTO Online Portal site. It’s best to print your own form and then fill it out to speed up your application. Always bring a pen with you when going to the LTO Office.

2. Medical Certificate

The purpose of this is to ensure that you are physically and mentally fit to operate a motor vehicle. This certificate will be electronically transmitted to LTO by the LTO Accredited Clinic. You can ask the clinic for a hard copy if you want. The prices may vary from 500 to 600 pesos.

3. Foreign Driver’s License

If your license is not in the English Language, ask your embassy about the English version of it. Bring your English version of the license with at least one photocopy when going to LTO Office.

4. Passport

Bring your original passport and a photocopy of the first page, the visa page, and the latest date of entry in the Philippines.

If you are a Filipino citizen, you need the original copy and a photocopy of your Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) Birth Certificate.

An important reminder:

If you want to convert your Foreign Driver’s License into a Philippine Driver’s License, no PDC or TDC certificates will be required. If ever someone asks or requires you to provide the certificates, show them the LTO memo that pertains to it.

The Process

1. Wear a proper dress code. Don’t ask for help from fixers because it is against the law which may cause you fines and even imprisonment.

2. Submit your requirements to the help desk and get your number.

3. Go to the cashier for the payment. Be sure to pay the exact fees to speed up the transaction.

New License:

License fee – 585 pesos

Application fee – 100 pesos

Total: 685 pesos

Conversion of Foreign License:

License fee – 585 pesos

Application fee – 100 pesos

Conversion fee – 100 pesos

Total: 785 pesos

Important Note:

If your Foreign Driver’s License has already expired, you are required to take the LTO written/computerized exam, and the actual driving exam. However, if still valid, there’s no need to take it. You may visit our free LTO online exam reviewer to help you pass the actual LTO exam.

4. Go to the encoding section when your number is called. In this section, they will get your picture, biometrics, and digital signature. You can request retaking if you are not satisfied with the results of the data collection, especially the picture and digital signature.

5. The last is the releasing window. They are going to give you your LTO Driver’s License here. Don’t forget to fill out their logbook after obtaining the license card because it is for their recording purpose.

Now, you have obtained your Philippine Driver’s License. Strictly, follow the road rules, signs, and regulations of the country. Be a responsible tourist!

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