Professional and Non-Professional Drivers License Renewal

LTO renewal of professional or non-professional driver’s licenses is an easy task. However, make sure to do it as early as possible to avoid any problems in the future. Here, we are going to discuss the procedures, requirements, fees, and charges regarding the renewal of both license classifications. But first, do an LTO Online Registration. You can also see here on our site different LTO online services.

LTO portal with drivers license renewal

The Procedure

1. Login and register in LTO portal or what we call the LTMS Portal. Go to portal. lto. gov. ph to get started.

This portal LTO is the official website for renewing your driver’s license. If you don’t have an account yet, then register first. Just fill out all the information needed. Be sure to input your true and correct details to avoid any problems in the future.

When you are on the LTO portal registration page, get a paper or notebook to write your username, email, and password for record and backup purposes. Be sure that you have a working email (it is advised to use a Gmail account) because this is where your printable CDE result will be sent by LTO. CDE certificate is required for drivers license renewal.

When you complete the registration, log in to LTO Portal Login page to start renewing your driver’s license.

2. Take the CDE Online Validation Exam in portal lto gov ph. This is the link:

You can retake this exam over and over again until you pass. There is also no time limit.

The advantage of this exam as being online is you can take it even at home if you have a phone, tablet, or pc and an internet connection. You may also try our free lto reviewer to ace the exam.

In the old LTO system, you need to go back again and again personally to their office, but now there’s the LTO renewal online exam that makes the exam more accessible.

This test is composed of 25 items with a passing score of 16. The questions are just a refresher exam for existing license holders.

If you pass the exam, LTO will send you an email containing the printable CDE result which is one of the requirements for license renewal.

You can process it at LTO booths in malls. Be noted that their available service is just for renewal and no other thing like adding code/s.

LTO Renewal Requirements

1. CDE LTO Certificate (Printed CDE Exam Result)

2. Medical Certificate from LTO Accredited Clinic

3. Original Driver’s License Card

LTO License Renewal Process

1. Evaluator

            Your appearance is required here. They will check if you already completed your requirements. After this section, just take a seat and wait for your turn before going to the cashier.

2. Cashier

            Pay the exact amount of money to prevent wasting time. After this section, go to the encoding section for picture taking.

3. Encoding

            You can request to change your picture for your license card if you’re not satisfied with the shot. Here, they will also get your biometrics and digital signature. After this section, proceed to the releasing window.

4. Releasing

            You can now get your new printed driver’s license here. If you have a previous LTO violation, your issued license will have a 5-year validity only. However, if there is no violation, your license will have a 10-year validity.

Fees and Charges

LTO processing fee – 585 pesos

Medical Certificate – 500 to 600 pesos

CDE Certificate – free

Change address (optional) – 100 pesos

Total: 1,285 pesos

If you delay renewing your license, you will incur a penalty. If 1-year delay, 60 pesos penalty, 1-2 Years, 120 pesos, and 2-10 years 240 pesos.


             If you want to change your driver’s license classification from non-pro to pro, you don’t need to take the CDE exam, and LTMS Portal registration is not required. But you need to take the exam for pro license in LTO District Office personally. Don’t ever ask for help from fixers when you get in, it is illegal.

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