How to Register and Create an Account in LTO LTMS Portal

Creating an account in LTMS portal is not a complicated thing but it benefits you in a complicated way.  This is the first step in acquiring and renewing your drivers license. It is even required for settling your traffic violation if there is any. It also benefits you to legally drive here in the Philippines.

Here are the simple steps to create your LTMS Portal account:

1. Be sure that you have a valid email address. If you don’t have one, create one first. Gmail email address is the best.

2.  Go to the official LTO LTMS Portal website HERE.

3. When you enter the site’s landing page, click the REGISTER NOW button.

LTMS portal front
Photo credits: LTO

4. Accept the license agreement, solve the security code then click Next.

Photo credits: LTO

5. In the registration window, choose to Enroll As An Individual. If it is not your purpose, then choose other options as shown below.

Photo credits: LTO

6. Then on this window, choose yes or no to the question, “Do you have a Philippine Driver’s or Conductor’s License?” then click Next.

Photo credits: LTO

If yes, fill out this form then click Next.

Photo credits: LTO

If no, you will be redirected to this window then click Next.

Photo credits: LTO

a. Fill out this form:

Photo credits: LTO

b. And this one also, then click Create Account:

Photo credits: LTO

7. You will be redirected to a page requiring you to create your own password. Be sure to use capitals, numbers, and symbols with at least 8 characters minimum to have a very strong password.

8. Write your login number and password in a notebook to ensure that you have a hard copy of it.

9. Go to LTMS Portal home page again.

10. Click the log-in button then enter your account credentials.

That’s it! The registration process is just a piece of cake!

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