Driver’s License Guide

LTO portal with foreign license card guide

LTO Online Guide: Foreign Driver’s License

You can use your foreign driver’s license anywhere in the Philippines. However, after 90 days, it is required to obtain Philippine Driver’s License from Land Transportation Office (LTO).

LTO portal with non pro license card

LTO Online Guide: Applying for LTO Non-Pro Driver’s License

Obtaining a non-pro driver’s license is the start of your journey as a licensed driver here in the Philippines. However, there are some restrictions covered by it like, you are just allowed to drive private vehicles and driving public vehicles is illegal.

LTO portal with Pro license card

LTO Online Guide: Applying for LTO Pro Driver’s License

Obtaining a Pro driver’s license is also called DL change classification. There is an exam for it consisting of 60 items, with a passing score of at least 48 points. You may use our free LTO Portal Reviewer to help you pass the exam.