A Detailed Guide: How to Get LTO Student Permit?

It is required for drivers to hold at least LTO student permit when driving private vehicles. They must also be accompanied and guided by a pro or non-pro driver’s license holder when driving.

LTO Student Permit is one of the most important requirements if you want to get pro or non pro license in the future. Here I’m going to discuss with you the qualifications, requirements, processes, and fees for obtaining a Student Permit.

LTO portal with student permit license card

The Qualifications

1. You must be a Filipino citizen.

2. Must be 16 years old and above.

2. Can able to read and write English or Tagalog Language.

3. You must complete the Theoretical Driving Course (TDC) – this is the first requirement for acquiring a student permit.

4. Active email account (Gmail) for account registration at LTO website.

5. If you are a foreigner, you must be at least 18 years old and above, already staying in the Philippines for 1 month, and must stay there for about 6 months with your passport and visa.

6. You must settle any traffic violations first before applying for a student permit.

LTO Student Permit Requirements

1. Medical Certificate

This must be LTO accredited. You can find these clinics usually in the vicinity of an LTO District Office.

2. Application form

Download the file from LTO online website at LTMS Portal LTO, print it, and then fill out the form. You can also get this at any LTO Office. Downloading and printing the form is more convenient.

3.  PSA Birth Certificate

You need the original and a photocopy. However, if you don’t have this certificate, you can use the local registry Birth Certificate.

4. Valid ID

5. Married certificate for married woman

6. Parents’ or guardian’s consent

Required for ages 18 and below. This consent form must be notarized and with a photocopy of the parents/guardians’ valid ID with their signature on the side of it.

7. TIN number

This is already available to those who are employed. If not, you can get it at BIR (Bureau of Internal Revenue). When asked by the BIR staff what’s your purpose for it, say that it is a requirement for your driver’s license.

8. Theoretical Driving Course (TDC) Certificate

You can get this at any LTO Accredited Driving School.


If all these requirements are met, you can now go to an LTO District Office nearby you to continue.

Process in Obtaining an LTO Student Permit

1. Fill out the Application Form

First, things first, bring your own ballpen and wear a face mask at all times because COVID-19 is still a pandemic.

2. Get your Que number

     This scheme depends on a specific LTO District Office, some offices give you a queue number, some don’t, and some allow you to go directly to the evaluator window.

3. Evaluator

     Just pass all of the requirements here. After doing that, wait for your number to be called then go to the cashier.

4. Cashier

     Pay the exact amount to save time. The next window is encoding.

5. Encoding

     Here, they will get your picture, thumbmark, and digital signature, that’s why your personal appearance is required. Check your encoded details carefully if there’s a mistake, if there’s any, tell them immediately. Failing to do so will cause you difficulty changing it later. After the encoding section, have a seat then wait for your turn before going to the releasing section.

6. Releasing

     Get your Student’s Permit here and don’t forget to sign in their logbook.

Fees and Charges


        Prices depend upon the driving school you are in. It may range from 1,500 to 2,000 pesos. It’s better to canvass for a lower price to save money. The technique is to inquire on many driving schools to determine which offers the cheapest. Sometimes, there are free TDC in LTO but limited slots only, by schedule and, first come first serve basis. TDC duration is 15 hours.

Medical Certificate

      Cost about 500 pesos.

Student Permit

      Cost about 317.63 pesos.

Facts about Student Permit

            You can use it to drive motor vehicles if accompanied by a non-pro or pro driver’s license holder. It’s strictly prohibited to drive solo as a student permit holder because it’s not an actual driver’s license – just a permit to allow you to practice driving.

The validity of a student permit is 1 year only. However, you can obtain a non-pro driver’s license quickly after 1 month of being a student permit holder.

If you drive a motor vehicle in solo and are caught by an enforcer, you will pay a penalty which costs 3,000 pesos. It will also be hard for you to get a non-pro license because of that traffic violation.

It is allowed to stay as a student’s permit holder as long as you like it. You may renew it again before or at the exact date of expiration. When you miss the renewal at the given time, then you must start all over again.

Some Tips

  • To save money, you can inquire about the free TDC available on the LTO website. If you are going to look for private LTO-accredited driving schools, google it up first then choose for the cheapest.
  • Avail a package-type service offered by some Accredited Driving Schools. They offer both TDC and PDC, a lot cheaper than others.
  • Be sure that all of the requirements are met before going to an LTO office to prevent delay and hassle.
  • You can also obtain a student permit in any LTO booth or office inside malls.
  • In the afternoon, there will be few people left, there’s a chance that you accomplish it in a short span of time. However, you need to know if there’s a cut-off on how many people are allowed to process on that day.
  • Wear proper attire, don’t wear shorts, sando and the like. They will not allow you to go inside because of improper attire.
  • If you’re using a reading glass, bring it and use it during a medical examination to be eligible.

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